The Children’s House is a Traditional Montessori Nursery owned and managed by Rachel Shepheard-Walwyn offering a full Montessori education. The children will be introduced to a wide range of activities to cover all aspects of their development including:

Music, Dance, French, Arts & Crafts and Ball Skills

Rachel Shepheard-Walwyn

The Head

Rachel trained in Montessori after being sponsored by a central London Independent Boys’ School, to head up their Reception Year using the Montessori philosophy. She set up her first nursery in 1999, when her sons were two and one, so that they had a Montessori start to their “school life”, and then expanded to open Spencer Hill in 2006. She has since sold the first school.

Amanda Hennessy

Deputy Head

Amanda was born in Guyana , before moving to the UK for schooling, After her schooling she trained as a Montessori teacher and has a real affinity with the philosophy, so much so that she went on to lecture in Montessori and train others. We managed to persuade her to return to teaching and she is our Deputy Manager.

There is also a very professional strong team of qualified nursery staff, teaching the children each day, along with all the peripatetic teachers.

The Schools our Children go onto

  • Bishop Gilpin
  • Donhead
  • Dondonald
  • Holy cross
  • Holymount
  • Ibstock
  • Merlin
  • Prospect House
  • Putney High
  • Rokeby
  • Rowans
  • Saint Mary’s
  • Saint Matthew’s
  • The Study Prep Wimbledon
  • Wimbledon Common Prep (Squirrels)
  • Wimbledon High

Our Families have then gone onto

  • Hampton
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Kings College School
  • St Paul’s Girls and Boys
  • Westminster
  • High School Wimbledon, Putney and Surbiton

What the Inspectors Say

An excellent range of resources and competent teaching ensure that children’s progress is outstanding.


A very strong key worker system ensures that children develop secure relationships with staff, which helps to build confidence and self-esteem


Children are highly motivated and thoroughly enjoy their time at nursery. Parents highly praise staff and describe them as “loving” and “caring”.


Children are very well prepared for moving on to school. The children develop early literacy and numeracy skills and learn independent.


What the Parents Say

Both my husband and I are so very grateful for everything you have done for our daughter. We often say how lucky we are to have met you. Your input has changed her entire future path for the better. Thank you for all the time, effort and love you have invested in our family.


You are doing a fantastic job dealing with the situation we find ourselves in. You have been a rock in the storm and instilled such peace and calm in the children and us. From the communication, home schooling, keeping in contact, school set up on return and general moral, you have done something you should be proud of. Your team of excellent teachers and support staff have really shone and we are proud to be a part of the school family.


How lucky were we to live around the corner from your nursery. Thank you for giving all three of our children the very best start and for warmly and lovingly embracing each of their different sparks. All three leave you happy, confident and shining brightly having been nurtured and cared for in an individual way according to their needs. I can not recommend your Montessori school highly enough.


Thank you for the help and encouragement you have given and for the open friendly approach you adopt towards us all. The progress she has made has been quite remarkable.

I hope the nursery continues to enjoy the success it undoubtedly deserves


The fun, warmth, security, learning and friendship he has experienced have all been wonderful and he leaves you an extremely happy, confident little boy, very ready for more adventures.